There are many options available when you come to acquire new or refurbished photocopiers and printers. Photocopiers can be purchased outright, leased or provide a total volume print plan.

The principles and benefits of leasing can be applied to a wide variety of products. Unlike many high street bank facilities or overdrafts that are subject to the change in market conditions, a lease facility with its protected payment and fixed interest rates allows for effective future budgeting.

Why Lease?

Leasing is not just for businesses that can’t afford to pay cash. Companies both large and small now realise that leasing is the cost effective way to keep up with a changing market. 

Is Leasing expensive?

Leasing is not expensive! 

Many people believe leasing is an expensive option. This simply is not the case. This is why even large 'cash rich' companies are choosing to lease. 

Are there any Tax breaks for Leasing?

Tax breaks mean leasing is not expensive! 

With 100% tax allowance against your repayments a lease agreement makes total economic sense and can give you the equipment that’s fit for purpose. In today’s market it’s the companies that keep up with the latest technology and maintain their cash reserves that will survive.

A cash purchase will allow tax relief only on the capital allowances on the equipment. This is currently 40% of the cost in the first year and only 25% in subsequent years based on a reducing balance each year. 

What else can I Lease?

It's not just hardware - it's software too!

Not many companies realise that software can be leased. With multi-user licences becoming ever more expensive, leasing your software is a very attractive option. 

Why choose ABM?

We work with two finance houses to offer you differing methods of leasing your office machines: CF Asset Management and BNP Paribas.

Both companies offer a full range of Finance facilities to meet your requirements either an outright purchase, lease or Total Volume Print Plan.

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