What you need to think about

There are many aspects for consideration to ensure you select a black and white or colour printer/photocopier that is correct for you and also capable of lasting for 3 to 5 years. The factors below must be considered.

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Your Building

Office Access
Depending on your type of office, you will in some cases limit the type of device that you easily install. Some buildings will have restricted access, small staircases or maybe even Grade 1 listed. This will limit the size and type of the device that can be installed in the building.

If you are in a modern office environment and are spread across many floors then consideration will need to be given to the type of device placed on each floor. Maybe a mix and black and white rather than a colour machine on all floors.

Type of device

Multifunction Device
A Multifunction device (MFD), is a digital machine that can perform multiple functions with a document or series of documents. Commonly these devices can print, copy, scan, fax and send documents. In addition these devices are normally capable of plugging straight into your office network and therefore provide all the above functions to everyone, ultimately providing a more cost effective print solution compared to many smaller inkjet/laser jet devices.

Paper Size

A3 or A4
ABM are an approved Canon and Samsung reseller. Currently, Samsung only manufacture A4 devices. If you require larger A3 copies then your choice today would have to be Canon.


Canon or Samsung
Most Canon devices offer Copy, print, scan and colour plus offering duplex. Canon are for the bigger print requirements. Samsung tend to be replacement for local printers that are desktop orientated. If A3 is required then it is necessary to choose Canon.

Do you need colour

Black & White or Colour
A key decision needs to be made if you require colour or not. Some business types do not need colour, such as accountants. The differing needs do depend if the outputs are used internally or for promoting the company. A cost decision is required as colour is often 10 x greater than black and white per page printing costs.

Number of users

Copy Speed and Volume
The number of users drives some key selection criteria.

Copy Speed - This factor tells you at what speed the device will produce copies and prints. Expressed as a number or pages per minute. A typical workgroup device designed to be shared amongst between 3 to 10 people will normally have a print/copy speed of 25-45 pages per minute (ppm) placing the device in the mid-volume category.

Copy Volume - This number relates to the amount of pages per month the photocopier, printer or multifunctional device has been designed to process. Generally photocopiers and printers with lower copy speeds are designed to process a lower number of prints and copies per month with the copy volume growing in relation to the speed of the device.

Many companies will connect their multifunction device to their network. This means that people will tend to print from their workstation and then go and collect their print job later. Sometimes a company will have more “walked-up” copying which means a device will need to be faster to minimise the queue at the copier. It is important to balance between Network users and “walked-up” users.

Document Feeder

Networked or "walked-up"
Most Devices have a document feeder. Depending on the size of the copier the feeder can vary in size. There is less of a requirement if printing is mainly Networked Printing.

Differing types of paper

Paper Cassettes
The number of cassettes a device has determines its ability to load more paper of differing types at the same time. Consideration should be given for requirements to load plain paper, company headed paper, A3 and/or A4 paper or any speciality paper required for the business.

My computer network

Network Capability
One of the key features of digital document production devices such as printers, photocopiers and MFD (multifunctional devices) is the ability to interface with a customers' computer network. Once connected to the network the photocopier becomes a powerful, feature rich network printer, scan, fax server and much more. When looking at network functionality you should consider which operating systems you use as well as how you want the device to sit within the network. As a general rule, almost all mid-volume sized machines upwards come with full network functionality as standard.

In addition consideration needs to be made if you are working within a PC or PC and MAC environment.


Stapling & Binding
Many finishing options are available for the devices including, stacking, binding, stapling, hole punch and paper folding to name a few. If the device is required for more professional printing then consideration should be given for all the options above, whereas the smaller devices may just need stapling.

New or Refurbished?

We offer the complete range of Canon & Samsung Black & White and Colour printers and photocopiers and Professional Colour Machines. From Canon we offer the range of imageRunner, imageRunner Advance and imagePress.

If you are unsure of your requirements it is often better to purchase a second hand machine. They are typically good value and often well featured this is where you get the benefit from richly configured machines

Purchase Options

Finance or Total Volume Print Plan
There are many options available when you come to acquire new or refurbished equipment. Photocopiers can be purchased outright, leased or provide a total volume print plan. The principles and benefits of leasing can be applied to a wide variety of products. Unlike many high street bank facilities or overdrafts that are subject to the change in market conditions, a lease facility with its protected payment and fixed interest rates allows for effective future budgeting.

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